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Hi there sunshine!

Thanks for visiting my page! :D

I am volunteer for an amazing organization called UniCamp at UCLA. My time at UniCamp has been extraordinary, I have gained a full community of support and acceptance with other volunteers. Likewise, as volunteers, we strive for a safe space for children to express who they are and create a community. UniCamp gives children from underserved communities the opportunity to have a memorable camping experience that will strengthen their social and leadership skills.

I am trying to raise $450 for the cost of camp for campers and your gift donation is vital to make this unforgettable experience a reality.

Your donation will bring smiles, laughter, happiness, knowledge, friendships, and lasting memories to children.
Your gift will allow children to have a memorable experience and help them strengthen their confidence. Any gift donation is 100% essential, after all, there is no whole without the piece. If you would like to be the piece to our whole, please donate whatever amount you can ($1-10, etc.) possible. I know times are uncertain, no worries! You can still help the youngsters by sharing this page.

With s'more love and appreciation, THANK YOU!
Have a bright day, you beautiful ray of sunshine!<3

Why I love UniCamp:

I joined UniCamp because children deserve to have more opportunities and have a space to connect with other children. My experience in UniCamp has been memorable and this is why I continue to be in UniCamp. I believed I would be guiding children but I was wrong, the children guided me. Children must not be underestimated, they are absorbers of knowledge. I love UniCamp because it gives children an opportunity to learn about themselves and engage with others in a fun and adventurous way.

  • UCLA UniCamp

  • 2131 John Wooden Center
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 90095-1612, USA
19th Annual UCLA UniCamp Camp-A-Thon!

About This Campaign

In the midst of our UCLA UniCamp Student Volunteer's nearly 100 hours of training, they somehow manage to find time to fundraise at least $450 each with fellow UCLA UniCamp Student Volunteers. Please join us in sponsoring these students. All proceeds from this event go towards sending under-served youth to camp this summer. The student’s goal this year is to raise $100,000. This will help UCLA UniCamp give over 500 campers a summer camping experience. Join us in this great cause. UCLA UniCamp is a tradition at UCLA that is entering its 83rd summer of camp. Every year there are hundreds of underserved children that may not be dreaming of a bright future. Help us provide these kids with the tools to change their stars and give them the chance to dream big and succeed. Thank you in advance for your interest and your generosity!
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