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  • It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of Camp River Glen after the site was ravaged by a 30-foot tall flash flood from Tropical Storm Hilary.

    On Sunday, August 20th, following an amazing 89th summer camp season, Tropical Storm Hilary caused widespread devastation in the San Bernardino Mountains. Everything in and around the Santa Ana River, where Camp River Glen is located, was heavily damaged or destroyed. We lost multiple buildings and suffered heavy damage to numerous others, rendering them unusable and uninhabitable. The water system that provides clean drinking water is completely destroyed. The campsite remains cut off from all utilities and access is nearly impossible.

    UniCamp’s home at Camp River Glen is a shell of what it used to be when just weeks ago it was filled with the smiles and laughter of hundreds of campers and volunteers. UniCamp’s 90th summer camp season looks bleak and uncertain without your help. There is a significant amount of work to be done over the next few years.

    Damage assessments are still being done but total damages are expected to exceed $300,000.

    UCLA UniCamp is in urgent need of your support! We are at a crossroads that will determine the future of the organization. Please give generously and help UCLA UniCamp’s legacy live on.

    We will be providing continuing updates on the situation as it develops.
  • $187,195

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UCLA UniCamp is the official student charity of the University of California, Los Angeles. UniCamp operates as an independently funded non-profit organization linking the University with the community. Each year, UniCamp inspires nearly 1,000 children from underserved families to envision brighter futures by sending them, along with 400 student volunteers, to its residential outdoor summer camp.